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Roman Reigns finally changed his in-ring outfit: new music, theme song 



Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

Roman Reigns stole the show at Clash of Champions on Sunday and has truly cemented his heel character.

Roman Reigns has truly established himself in the Sunday match Clash of Champions against Jey Uso which was a family affair.

Following the winning of the match, Reigns is now the “Tribal Chief” as well as The WWE Universal Champion. The fundamental of the match was simply; who is the head of the Samoan dynasty.

The Samoan dynasty has given birth to quite a huge names in the wrestling business that has given wrestling countless stars like Yokozuna and The Rock, to name but a few.

For the past few years the Samoan Dynasty has been awarded with huge names like The Rock, Yokozuna and The Big Dog. However, these name were derived from family linage in the wrestling business.

The match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso was a classy one; Reigns finished Jey Uso in a memorable way and finally, Jimmy told Roman what he wanted to hear – ‘You’re the Tribal chief’.

At the phenomena match, Reigns went topless for the first time in his career and he looked completely great and awe-inspiring.
Social media went crazy with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso performance; everyone talks about it — family, friends, fans and even Dwanye The Rock Johnson.

From this point, we can absolutely see Roman Reigns in new form and character; far from any connection with his Shield vest – new music, new theme, a full blown heel.

Speaking on a recent Facebook Live, Reigns said: “I’ve been wearing a SWAT outfit my entire career so I’m just going to stick to those pants.

“If you watch this Sunday, you’ll probably see me with my shirt off. So that’s going to be the change.”

Additionally Reigns said on Facebook Live: “I decided to save the new music and hopefully down the line, once more drastic things happen, and the story unfolds…”

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